Profit & ROI

The Virgin Isles are both very popular and expensive. Water Island and St. John are the 2 most exclusive accessible islands in the US Virgin Isles. These projects provide an excellent potential for Return on Investment, especially in the light of recent developments and improving economic climate.

Water Island, US Virgin Isles

There are various options for development, using existing building as the base for eco-units, building new  eco-units, and building traditional villas, or any mix of these.

The new Hotel complex (shortly to be announced) adjoining our site will provide a huge boost to tourism on the island, see Tender Invitation. Prior to this announcement we had developed a plan projecting 25% profit over the first 4 years of trading, gross of taxes and finance costs.

The site is zoned for commercial development (W1), a rare resource on Water Island. Plans have been discussed with Government (DPNR) and they are keen to support all applications.

Details on application.

St John, US Virgin Isles

Projected a very healthy 30% annual return over the initial 3 years of trading, gross of taxes and finance costs. This is based on very conservative occupancy levels, there is is potential to achieve much higher occupancy.

The largest and longest established eco-resort, Maho Bay, recently sold for $14 million having lost their lease. The loss of 114 eco-units leaves a huge gap in the market. Eco-Resorts on St. John are regularly full to capacity. The other main Eco-Resort, Concordia, is due to be sold, so the future of approximately 40 eco-units is in doubt.

The site is zoned for commercial development (W1), a very rare resource in St. John which is 80% National Park. We have developed outline plans and costings, Government Permits are provisionally agreed and the application is in process.

Details on application.